Domain Registrations

When searching for a domain name we have the following suggestions; 

  1. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE DOMAIN IS REGISTERED IN YOUR NAME!!!!  It is not uncommon for many web design services to register your domain name in THEIR NAME.  GraphiX Web Design through our service Digital Domain Sales register all domains in the Customers name.  Avoid having your web designer hold your domain name hostage (we see this all the time),  or your web designer unexpectingly pass away and you have no access to your domain name.   
  2. Be careful where you search for your domain names where you search for them,   many Domain service sell off the list of recent searchs at the end of each day and domain pirates will register those domains.  Now that domain name you wanted "mybusiness.com" is registered the next day when you want it and up for sale for $200... $300,  sometims $1000's of dollars.  We have never had an issue using our domain searches are Digital Domain Sales or here on our page.
  3. I always suggest .COM when ever possible,  people are just in the habit of punching .com into a web address,  don't send your customers to your competition
  4. The shorter the domain name... the better
  5. Keep in mind you can have multiple domain names pointing to your one website.
  6. Since your first year of domain registration is included with all our website packages, if you found a domain you want for your website just let us know and we will take care of everything.


We have an in-house domain registration service via www.digitaldomainsales.com